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Capelands Wine Farm
Italian Restaurant

open daily
SOON - Traditional Wood Fired Pizza


About Capelands Farm

Just as the vineyards grace the landscape of Capelands Resort, our family is an integral part of this splendid farm. United by the common goal of providing an exceptional guest experience, we collectively oversee every facet of Capelands Resort.

Encompassing a sprawling expanse of 12.5 hectares, our farm is a canvas of panoramic beauty. With vistas that embrace the towering peaks of Gordon's Bay and the serene azure stretch of Strand Beach, the landscape is adorned with the vibrant hues of wild fynbos and the elegant presence of Proteas, thriving alongside the fresh herbs that grace our restaurant's fare.

Within our enchanting realm, a harmonious blend of colour and flavour awaits at our restaurant. Nestled amidst this picturesque setting are three farm suites, intimately linked to our lush vineyards. The hallmark of Italian hospitality greets you with a warmth that is truly unparalleled.

At Capelands Resort, our paramount mission is crafting personalized memories that linger forever. Whether local or international, every guest is welcomed with open arms to partake in the embrace of Capelands Resort's hospitality.

Capelands Resort Video.

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CR1 Redstone

Johann Innerhofer, the owner of Capelands Resort and the inspiration behind CR1 Redstone- his signature first selection wine.

Suites & Cottage

Capelands presents a trio of suites, each adorned with awe-inspiring views. The Redstone, Whitestone, and Garden Cottage await to enchant you.

Garden Cottage

Italian Restaurant

Capelands Restaurant is a reflection of our passion for food and wine. Our Italian/Mediterranean kitchen will spoil you with surprising homemade pasta creations using salads and herbs from our own garden, organic beef, duck and fresh fish. The dishes are lovingly prepared by our skilled chefs.

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