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 Our Wines

Capelands Resort extends across 12 hectares of picturesque land in Somerset West, nestled within the prestigious Stellenbosch Wine Region. The enchanting estate is also home to a charming Italian restaurant.

The on-site Redstone Vineyard spans 3 hectares, featuring dryland cultivated vines that have gracefully matured over 25 years. This captivating expanse is primarily graced with 80% Cabernet Sauvignon vines, while the remaining 20% is graced by the presence of Malbec. This vineyard holds a distinct charm, with its soil composition boasting a mixture of sand, clay, and abundant stones, including decomposed granite in the lower terrain. Nestled facing the sea and cocooned from the wind, this location enjoys a rare microclimate, lending an exceptional character to its produce.

The cultivated crop attains an average of merely 3 tons per hectare, endowing the Redstone with its distinctive nature - a wine that is both robust and delicate, as it extracts lots of mineral flavours from the earth.

Complementing our offerings, a more intimate selection of White Wines graces our collection. Bearing the distinguished name of Whitestone, these wines are meticulously crafted from single grape varieties, including Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier. Sourced from meticulously selected vineyard plots across the Western Cape, these grapes are procured to ensure the utmost quality and character. Our total production of the Redstone and Whitestone is approximately 30 000 bottles per year.

With four decades of profound engagement in the global fine wine industry, Johann Innerhofer brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the table. The grapes undergo an early harvest, carefully timed for optimal maturation without ever reaching over ripeness. This approach preserves the inherent fruit freshness, along with its natural acidity. Through meticulous maturation in select new oak barrels, a vibrant character is nurtured, striking a harmonious balance between liveliness and elegance, always favouring refinement over dominance.

Similar to the meticulous craftsmanship observed in the production of Brunello di Montalcino, the refinement of the ultimate Redstone creation demands a patient journey of four years before it is deemed ready for release.

During select vintages, we proudly present the distinguished Redstone Special Reserve and the prestigious Redstone Grand Reserve. The front labels of each CR1 Redstone Vintage are graced with unique artwork by Laura Mauri, co-owner of Capelands, capturing the essence of the wine within. Notably, each vintage boasts an impressive production of larger-format bottles, further enhancing the wine's allure.

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