Whitestone - Chenin Blanc

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  • The Chenin Blanc "Whitestone" from Capelands Estate is what happens when an ancient grape variety meets a young wine region and a witty winemaker: A brilliant white wine with an exotic floral bouquet and a drink that makes you want more. Aromas of white flowers, pineapple and melon rise from the straw yellow in the glass. The clean freshness and the interplay of fruity elegance and quick acidity ensure lots of drinking fun. An absolute hit as an aperitif, with spicy poultry or grilled fish.  

    Already knew: The Chenin Blanc grape variety originally comes from central France and has been known there since the 9th century, but its stronghold is in South Africa. With over 17,000 hectares under cultivation, more than twice as much Chenin Blanc is grown here than in France.